Gingerbread Loaf

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Run run as fast as you can! You don't want to miss our holiday gingerbread loaf. It's spiced just right.

  • Ginger may be good for digestion and may help with inflammation.
  • Made with oat flour - a wheat-free alternative that is a tasty source of fibre, protein and antioxidants.
  • Dark molasses provides a rich flavour and can be a source of magnesium and calcium.
  • Walnuts add crunch and a hit of plant-based omega-3 goodness.

Oat flour, baking soda, ginger, cinnamon, salt, pepper, cloves, eggs, coconut oil, dark molasses, vanilla extract, organic coconut sugar and walnuts.

Eggs, tree nuts. May contain traces of dairy, mustard, peanuts, sesame seeds, soy, sulphites or wheat.

1 loaf per order